четвъртък, 3 декември 2015 г.

Zen Play

"I had my mind blown by this fantastic dance piece. It's one of the most physical and emotional works I've seen this year." Gabriel Shanks, director of The Drama League of New York
"Truly an on the edge performance. From the super lighting, unbelievable music, deep intention of the performers to Jivko's continuous and well connected through line - the vision and performance was spectacular, just stunning!!" Lindsey Renee Derry, American choreographer and dancer

The performance Zen Play dallies with the well known conceptual pictures, unscrews the bolts and nuts of the established shapes. It meanders and dissolves the dividing lines of the consciousness - at the place where one idea finishes and another starts.
The illusion of reality is totally real. The man is not a man and the woman is not a woman.
The performance is for everybody who is not afraid of growing down.

Cocept and choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Music: Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky)
Visual environment: Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa)
Perofmers: Philip Milanov, Marion Darova, Diana Aleksandrova
(special appearance of Dinko Jeliazkov)
Producer: Atanas Maev

Read more: http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/en/contemporary-dance-company/productions/zen-play#ixzz3tFwDMMir

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